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Identity & Access Management

  • Overview

    Protecting your valuable data from unauthorized access.

    If one employee does not protect their user ID or password, your entire system may be compromised. Alqimi identity and access management security solutions can help you protect online resources from unauthorized access and comply with security policies and regulations.

    Whether you are looking to securely adopt a new business model such as cloud, mobile, or social interaction or tackle insider threats across your enterprise, we can assist you in managing identity and access issues.

    Our identity and access management solutions focus on key security initiatives that organizations are tasked with today including:

    • Safeguarding cloud, mobile, and social interactions
    • Preventing insider threats and identity fraud
    • Simplifying legacy identity silos and emerging cloud integrations
    • Delivering intelligent identity and access assurance using multi-factor solutions
  • Identity Management

    Ensuring that only authorized users can access information and only the information they need.

    Identity management (IdM) is the process of controlling the authentication, authorization, and privileges of individual IT system users and their associated groups within or across system and enterprise boundaries. The goal of identity management is to increase security and productivity while decreasing cost, downtime, and repetitive tasks.

    Alqimi has expertise in helping customers implement the latest generation of identity management technology. We can work with your organization to improve security and limit information access to what a user needs to view, change, or delete. A well-implemented identity management solution also can help your organization become more agile and flexible in adding new business capabilities.

    We have experience with designing and implementing solutions using all major identity-management software, including Microsoft Active Directory, NetIQ Identity Manager, and AWS IdM.

  • Access Management

    Managing resource access throughout the enterprise.

    Access management is the security discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.

    Access management is a crucial undertaking for any enterprise. It addresses mission-critical needs such as ensuring appropriate access to resources across heterogeneous technology environments and meeting rigorous compliance requirements. Access management is increasingly business-aligned and requires business skills, not just technical expertise.

    Alqimi has extensive experience in implementing access-management solutions for the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community (IC). We have particular experience in designing and deploying NetIQ Access Management solutions.