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Mission Architecture & Engineering

  • Overview

    Proven processes and programmatic excellence to help you achieve your mission.

    Our experts can help you develop, execute, and manage your IT programs and projects by:

    • Thoroughly understanding your mission requirements and performance objectives
    • Successfully translating them into system requirements that can be addressed by IT
    • Constructing well-thought-out, multi-year plans with organizational agreement
    • Creating a project roadmap with clear checkpoints along the way
    • Defining a target end-state for each project

    ALQIMI is an advocate of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and partner for implementing SAFe to tackle the tough issues – architecture, integration, funding, governance and roles at scale.  This methodology is field-tested and enterprise-friendly addressing lean Agile Team, Program, and Portfolio level implementations.

    Many agencies and corporations find it difficult to successfully implement IT solutions. In addition to developing leading-edge solutions from beginning to end, Alqimi has been called upon to turn large projects around mid-stream and produce the desired results.

    We are able to satisfy our customers’ programmatic needs by applying our proven strategies across the entire IT lifecycle. Our unparalleled expertise is there to assist you through all phases of the lifecycle, from requirements and configuration management to application development and program management to systems architecture and engineering.

  • Just-in-Time Architecture & Engineering

    Maximum value from solutions that save time and money while satisfying requirements.

    Many projects get bogged down with documentation but don’t accomplish the primary objectives. Other projects develop applications in a vacuum and never meet agency needs. Alqimi’s just-in-time architecture and engineering help our clients avoid these pitfalls.

    Our experience with the Department of Defense (DoD) and many Intelligence Community (IC) customers has led us to craft an innovative approach that easily accommodates different agency processes, needs, and objectives. By providing sufficient documentation and process while ensuring that mission objectives, budgets, and timelines are met, our approach achieves success where other solutions have failed. Our success stories include developing Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) processes for our customers and numerous examples of turning dysfunctional programs and projects around.

  • Agile Development

    A faster, more collaborative way to create the software you need.

    While agile development is gaining popularity, it is also shrouded in mysticism and hype. 

    It was developed for two main reasons:

    • To enable timeliness in development
    • To provide closer interaction during the development cycle to ensure that the system meets user needs

    Agile development requires priorities, objectives and documentation that provides metrics to measure success along the way. Alqimi’s extensive experience in successful agile development can help your organization develop solutions faster with more customer buy-in to ensure that your mission needs are met in a timely manner.

  • Program Management

    Certified, specialized support to keep your projects on track.

    Program management is often the weakest link in an IT project and experts point to program management as the most common reason for IT project failures. Alqimi uses PMP-certified program managers who are also experts in their particular field.

    Our areas of expertise include:

    • DoD
    • Intelligence agencies (Program Management Framework, NSA Way)
    • Healthcare
    • Civilian agencies

    We have also performed in an Organizational Conflict of Interest role on many programs as a trusted agent and partner for customers.


  • Mission Requirements Discovery & Management

    The key to programmatic success is identifying and addressing mission needs.

    In medicine, prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. The same principle applies to IT, which is why Alqimi puts great importance on truly defining mission requirements before making software recommendations.

    The initial questions should not revolve around how a client wants to use cloud or mobility.

    Instead, they should determine:

    • What business or mission problem needs to be solved
    • What is IT’s role in solving the problem
    • Which IT solution can best solve the problem

    Alqimi’s meticulous discovery process clearly identifies and prioritizes mission requirements. Once the requirements are defined, we can address them with the expertise of certified employees across many technical disciplines, from systems administration to architecture to security.

    Alqimi has experience with many of the leading requirements management tools in the industry today. This ensures that you receive proven working solutions with accurate ROMs and timelines based on the latest capabilities.

  • Configuration Management

    Prioritizing and allocating resources to efficiently clear backlogs.

    The biggest issue in agile development is prioritizing which application should be developed first, consistent with the principle of reuse and other business needs. This is no small task and demands a true understanding of how an organization works and its mission requirements.

    At Alqimi, we work closely with our clients to learn and document their unique processes enabling us to accurately assist in the prioritization of backlogs while maintaining control of budgets and schedules. In fact, many of our projects are bid on a fixed price basis because of our expertise in all facets of program management. We focus on the number one program management requirement - meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

    We have expertise with the following configuration management tools:

    • Puppet
    • Chef
    • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
    • IBM Infrastructure Management
    • Amazon Web Services CloudFormation
  • Validation & Verification

    Ensuring your return on IT investments.

    Alqimi provides comprehensive independent validation and verification (IV&V) services to ensure that your organization is getting your money’s worth out of IT development. Our IV&V services help uncover programmatic failure and verify that systems are built correctly and properly address your objectives.

    Especially in Agile development, it is crucial to ensure that:

    • Demonstrations at the end of a sprint meet targeted requirements and capabilities
    • Test plans are documented and have formal customer or user buy-in
    • Operations has documentation on how the system is constructed and operated to facilitate future maintenance and management
  • Deployment Management

    Successful hardware, software, code and security updates with no downtime.

    While knowing a customer’s processes and tools is a definite must, optimizing them for successful and repetitive deployments requires a different skill set. At Alqimi, we have proven our abilities by repeatedly moving entire DoD and IC data centers across hundreds of miles with absolutely no application downtime or loss of data.

    We have also managed nationwide and worldwide IT systems that required 24/7 uptime and availability during the installation of hardware upgrades, security software upgrades, and software patches and upgrades.

    Alqimi is able to successfully support deployments and testing before and after installation by:

    • Creating thoroughly tested and understood deployment plans
    • Providing excellent documentation
    • Employing an educated and experienced staff
    • Tapping our in-depth knowledge of the industry’s best tools, techniques and processes to enhance mission value