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Social Media Analytics

  • Overview

    Mining social media for information you can use.

    Social media contributes to the explosion in the amount of online data volume with respect to communications and information sharing. New and innovative information exchange technologies are transforming how people communicate, further shrinking the globe and accelerating the speed of information being exchanged.

    Determining the usefulness of social media data and exploiting it for your mission needs to provide value-add is the first task. Once determined that data can be of value to your organization, knowing how to collect it, store it, and analyze it becomes critical. In addition, identifying trends, sentiment, and distilling the information into a usable form for distribution is also critical. Alqimi provides the know-how to help organizations use this newfound wealth of information effectively for marketing, situational awareness, and sentiment understanding, as well as other applications.

    Alqimi solutions can be applied to intelligence, law enforcement, disaster planning and recovery, emergency response, good government, and many other challenges. Our solutions are flexible, intuitive, and easy to learn. They can be combined with other tools such as case management, reporting, analytics, and natural language translation.

    Our experts can help you understand how social media data is improving government, enhancing customer relations, and stopping crime.

  • Qlarity

    Using mashup technologies to extract timely information from social media sources.

    Qlarity is a predictive intelligence tool using targeted collection capabilities, powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, and collaboration tools for dissemination of information. It employs highly secure portal mashup technologies to improve situational awareness and glean actionable intelligence from social media sources.

    Mashups enable the creation of a customizable common operations picture (COP) that brings together information from disparate sources. COPs can provide powerful new insights for commercial industries and the government. The application of mashup technologies to challenges such as command and control, intelligence, counterterrorism, and crime prevention can be transformational.

    Qlarity features and benefits:

    • Creates mission-specific COPs to provide actionable intelligence efficiently and expeditiously.
    • Provides significantly earlier detection, warning, and notification of unfolding events and threats.
    • Saves precious time in aggregating, vetting, and disseminating critical information and actionable intelligence.
    • Saves time and costs in building new mini applications and services for authorized users.
    • Enhances situational awareness significantly with new innovative applications.
    • Provides enhanced strategic, operational, and tactical information for improved decision-making and response.
    • Provides authorized users with self-service features and new insights into information and data to help improve planning and response operations.
    • Provides all Essential Elements of Information (EEIs), including weather, imagery, tracking, etc., for any tactical situation in a single COP.
    • Significantly augments and accelerate clearinghouse processes to collect, process, and disseminate actionable intelligence information.
    • Accelerates the secure exchange of critical information and data between the field and headquarters.

    Alqimi is currently adding even more analytics capabilities to Qlarity, including:

    • Evaluation of the reliability and influence of data sources.
    • Analysis of the tonality and potential impact of data sources.
    • Real-time tagging and storage of all data for playback and scenario modeling at network speeds.


  • Social Networking

    The internet is filled with millions of people from around the globe that want to meet other people, to gather and share information and experiences.

    Social networking often involves grouping specific individuals or organizations together and although many of them focus on specific interests, others are “traditional” in nature and have open memberships. Social networking websites function like an online community of internet users. Once you are granted access to a social networking website you can read the profile pages of other members and possibly contact them.

    As a result of rapid technology advances, social networking often takes place on a real-time basis. Some communications include information regarding dangerous incidents, in addition to the mountains of communications pertaining to innocuous subject matter. For example, there are over 270 million Twitter messages per day. Most of the Twitter messages do not include valuable information for intelligence gathering. However, a Twitter message could report a significant event such as a bank robbery in progress, or the identification of a print toner bomb. The challenge is to sort through the mountains of social networking data to find the actionable information that can be used to interrupt serious incidents that are still in the planning stages, or to track down the bad guys after a crime is committed.

    Alqimi has developed a powerful predictive intelligence tool called Qlarity that uses targeted social media networking collection capabilities, powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, and collaboration tools for dissemination of information. Alqimi adds open-source and social-media content with extensive analytics to create very sophisticated and targeted solutions for our customers. The real-time information from social media is particularly useful. As cell phone cameras made all users potential photojournalists, social media has made all users reporters and verifiers. Now organizations have instantaneous access to tailored information on a worldwide basis, as events unfold.

    Qlarity employs highly secure portal mashup technologies to improve situational awareness and glean actionable intelligence from social media sources. A typical mashup includes geospatial capabilities, and any geospatial tool can be exploited (Google Earth and Esri are used in current applications). Any data source can be overlaid and combined with geospatial information. Alqimi uses GPS tagging on people, places, and things to locate and track anyone and anything worldwide. Qlarity is based on Web 2.0 technologies and runs on any portal product or operating system. Any device with a web browser can be a client, so any intelligent cell phone, tablet, or personal computer can be used.

  • Adapted to Mission

    Working with our partners to build customized solutions.

    Qlarity has been in use in commercial industry, state and local governments, and in the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) since last fall. Many different and unique solutions have been crafted jointly by our customers and our on-site staff. Here are a few examples of what your organization can accomplish with Qlarity:

    • Commercial - Create leading-edge, real-time information solutions to enhance trade, security, supply chain effectiveness, and supervision of employee behavior.
    • Crime Prevention - Track repeat offenders and predators using GPS collars or cell phones with random user identification calling features. Identify risk areas for types of crime, discover and eliminate criminal support networks, and identify unknown criminals. With Qlarity, law enforcement can react in real time to crimes that are in progress.
    • Disaster Response and Prediction - Identify trends that indicate potential disasters. Use geospatial capabilities, situational awareness, and a COP for optimal exploitation of resources (e.g., people, supplies, and housing).
    • First Responder Solutions - Provide integrated communications (IP and radio) with geospatial awareness for rapid and appropriate response to emergencies as they occur.
    • Good Government - Review constituent issues in their own words, float new ideas, and craft good government practices based on sentiment and tone. Create watchboards to capture local issues and voter sentiment on how government is responding.
    • Homeland Security - Provide real-time enhancement to national infrastructure protection.
    • Intelligence Community - Integrate Qlarity internationally in real time with open-source data and backend and legacy analytics and networks. Provide verified information and intelligence faster via first-person accounts and verification.
    • U.S. Military and Allies - Utilize new and improved blue force tracking technologies. Provide unprecedented real-time support to troops downrange and military leadership uprange, using integrated field communications and hardened devices and servers.

    These solutions can be developed expediently and efficiently. The same appliances, software, and client devices can be used to develop and deploy solutions for multiple missions. Our solutions are far less expensive to build, deploy, and operate than those that are developed using traditional means. The only limitation is your imagination.

  • Adaptable to Mission

    Innovative technologies created for our clients and with our clients.

    Combining Web 2.0 and portal mashup technologies with GPS geolocation, geospatial overlays of selectable data, and social media and open-source data provides unprecedented situational awareness and information in real time. Qlarity delivers an adaptable, scalable solution to help your organization manage changing and emerging situations and it can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.  portal mashup technologies with geospatial, open source and proprietary data is innovative and transformational. 

    We stand ready, with our partners, to provide hardware, software, communications, client devices and services to solve your mission needs and requirements.  Our experts can help you understand how social media data is improving Government, improving customer relations, and stopping crime.