Spatial Collaboration Environment

Alqimi’s social intelligence framework provides an easy-to-use, powerful, and flexible system that supports every step of the Intelligence Lifecycle, from collection to analytics, reporting, collaboration and dissemination of open source, social media, and your organization’s data.

Spatial Collaboration Environment (SCE)

Alqimi introduces any-user, any-screen, any-place collaboration.

The ALQIMI Spatial Collaboration Environment (SCE) transforms ideas into shared information to enable true collaboration in real time. The platform combines presentation design and delivery, application sharing, whiteboard capture, and video conferencing, all available through a dynamic digital workspace viewed and updated by participants within one conference room and around the globe. Integrating the ALQIMI Spatial Collaboration Environment into a team process or workflow revolutionizes work efficiency and the flow of information and ideas.

Spatial Computing Facility

Alqimi's SCE technology solutions help your organization

VISUALIZE – bring data sets, workspaces, and communications channels to life across multiple screens in the same workspace, creating large amounts of screen real estate;
  • Enhance productivity in a workspace room with large amounts of screen real estate, flexible content sharing from multiple devices, and integration with whiteboards and telepresence infrastructure.
  • Extending the benefits of the telepresence and video conferencing tools that the platform interoperates with and expands.
  • Combine pre-scripted presentations, with question and answer sessions with supporting video, deep-dive demonstrations, and supporting material from the web and the cloud.
  • Compatibility with existing telepresence infrastructure and endpoints
CONNECT – link people, screens, devices, applications, and data into a single, networked, shared workspace—from anywhere in the world; and
  • Communicate from any number or type of input devices simultaneously, including touch screens, phones, and tablets; and
  • Whether in regular status updates in one location or in "follow the sun" distributed work, our shared workspaces enable teams to communicate better, collaborate more effectively, and work faster.
  • Remote experts can be brought in via telepresence and fully control the large-screen workspace, including slide decks, videos, and application screens.
  • Easy integration with enterprise authentication and cloud services
COLLABORATE – help project teams communicate, understand, and work together more efficiently and effectively.
  • Super-charge the work of collaborative project teams, including engineers, marketing experts, designers, software developers, and business analytics specialists.
  • Make meetings and working sessions more effective and higher-impact by helping multiple team members share and compare data to make informed decisions, quickly.
  • ReachThrough control of connected laptops and applications from any device in any room
  • Intuitive spatial wand for presentation control, on-screen content manipulation, and whiteboard snapshots


  • Seamless Enterprise Integration

    Seamless Enterprise Integration:

    Works seamlessly with your enterprise system.
  • Enhances Virtual Conferencing Abilities

    Enhances Virtual Conferencing Abilities:

    Employs an array of technology to bring organizations together in the virtual realm, deploys a unique system to allow analysts to collaborate in multiple locations to include whiteboard sessions, video chatting, presentation construction, and analytical collaboration.
  • Instant Information Sharing over Distance

    Instant Information Sharing over Distance:

    Bringing near-real time capabilities to the work flow by bridging the distance between systems and people. Brings work flow and decision making up to the same speed of data flow and analysis.
  • Improving Communications Across Highly-Disadvantaged Network

    Improving Communications Across Highly-Disadvantaged Network:

    Enables live sharing of visualizations, video, notes, images, and more across distance and highly-disadvantaged networks.