Strategic Insight Fusion Toolkit

Alqimi’s extremely simple and powerful open source and social media data collection, anaylsis visualization, exploitation system

Strategic Insight Fusion Toolkit (SIFT)TM

Merriam - Webster : Sift - Verb
— 'sift " to go through especially to sort out what is useful or valuable <sifted the evidence>
— Often used with through <sift through a pile of old letters>

The SIFT is an easy-to-use, powerful, and flexible system capable of searching and collecting open source and social media data.  It provides a full suite of tools and applications for data analytics, reporting, collaboration and dissemination. To enhance the analyst's ability to sift through large volumes of data, the SIFT collates and visualizes data in unique, expansive, on-the-fly, and interactive visualizations. Finally, unlike many competitive tools, the SIFT's functionality allows analysts to quickly learn and perform their own data collections and multifaceted searches without the need for outside technical support.


The SIFT System

  • Collection management element to ingest data from open source or proprietary internet sources and mash it with "in house" data for further analysis
  • Sophisticated filters which make for precise, comprehensive and swift searches
  • Geolocation element that targets searches to a specific geographical area
  • Ability to visualize data within the web graphical user interface
  • Provides export capability for further analysis via XML, JSON, KML, or CSV output
  • Logical, intuitive organization system that allows users to flow from one level to the next based on their data capture needs
  • Automated data enrichment and metadata tagging, tailored to user needs
  • Capable of working with other enterprise tools and capabilities
  • Able to share data between multiple users via a sophisticated internal social media platform 


The SIFT is a sophisticated collection, analysis, visualization, and exploitation system designed to provide an easy to use system for users.

  • Management Capability

    Management Capability

    The SIFT provides a geolocation element on top of a rich collection management capability that allows users to create very sophisticated filters for data they wish to collect.
  • Geolocation Capability

    Geolocation Capability

    The SIFT provides a geographic search fence capability in order to allow users the ability to search key words within specific geographic locations.


Collections are organized by the user into case folders, campaigns and sessions to allow full search and retrieval customization by collection sensors and searches.

  • Collection Management

    Collection Management

    Within the SIFT collection management element, the user can select from a myriad of open source or proprietary sources to ingest data from the Internet. This data can then be combined with “in house” data for further analysis.
  • Collaboration Tools

    Collaboration Tools

    The SIFT stores the data in relational or non-relational data stores based on the source data type. The collected data is available for exploitation by analysts using a wide array of analytic and collaboration tools provided in the On-Q framework.
  • Data Enrichment

    Data Enrichment

    The SIFT also provides automated data enrichment and metadata tagging which can be customized based on user needs.