Big Data and Analytics

Alqimi can help you distill big data into an easily understandable visualization.

  • Helping you chart a sensible course through the big data minefield to optimize your storage investment so you can access the data you need when you need it, and handle predicted exponential future increases.

    “Big data” is more than just the buzzword of the moment. Properly used, big data can add enormous value to your mission. However, petabytes of raw data are useless without the right tools to turn them into actionable intelligence.

    Alqimi understands all aspects of a big data project, from determining ingest velocity and storage needs to tagging, analyzing, synthesizing and disseminating data cross-domains (data at rest and data-in-transit). 

  • Optimizing your big data storage investment. 

    Before you can manage big data, you need to find it, capture it, and filter out information you do not need based on information lifecycle management strategies and data de-duplication strategies. Alqimi works with top industry vendors to craft solutions for your unique requirements. We support data collection from the Internet, social media sites, proprietary collections, and public sources. 

  • Enabling Access to the data you need when you need it. 

    Alqimi works with you to assess your end-to-end data needs and data management strategies. We feature accurate metadata tagging methods, data aggregation, and data relationship analysis (data mining) to provide value to your mission analysts for timely decision support. 

    We provide open source and social media content (Qlarity SM) with extensive analytics to create very sophisticated and targeted solutions. 

    We'll help you select the right tools for the mission, generate the right reports, and push the data to the right people. We'll also help you effectively and efficiently plan for and manage big data volume increases.