Software Development

Alqimi holds itself to rigorous standards in the software development process in order to provide the most cost-effective solutions possible. We use CMMI certified project management

  • Delivering maximum business value through skilled software engineering practices and rigorous adherence to industry standard software quality processes.

    Alqimi provides cost-effective solutions at every stage of the software development lifecycle. From certified project management to innovative application systems to timely and effective technical support, our team has a proven track record of meeting the unique business needs of our customers.

    We help you achieve your business objectives and gain a competitive advantage by:

    • Truly understanding your system requirements and business objectives
    • Leveraging our broad software engineering expertise and knowledge of leading commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tools
    • Designing scalable and extensible system architectures that not only meet today's requirements, but also future technological needs
    • Assisting you with adopting new technologies and software products
    • Offering a comprehensive spectrum of testing, quality assurance, and consulting services to supplement your internal software development teams
    • Delivering our solutions on time and within budget
  • Holding ourselves to rigorous standards in our software development processes to provide the most cost-effective and risk-free solutions possible.

    Alqimi believes that software quality is strongly influenced by the quality of the processes that produce the software. The overall goal of our software development practice is to institutionalize effective and usable processes across all of our software development organizations. By consistently applying effective processes, we ensure the successful delivery of projects and their constituent products. A well-managed project consists of a “network” of well-managed processes. In turn, well-managed processes consist of a series of integrated best practices.

    At Alqimi, we consistently follow best practices. Our software development organization is rated at CMMI Level II and has maintained that rating for a number of years. Our software engineers regularly receive CMMI training to keep their knowledge current. In addition, our project managers hold PMP certifications, and many of our staff are Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certified and have Agile/SCRUM experience.

    We are adept in the various methodologies for software development (Waterfall, Spiral, Prototyping, Agile, etc.) and we continuously work on ongoing process improvement initiatives, always taking a practical approach to the processes we use in our software development projects.

  • Gain access to an experienced team with excellent product and consulting skills.

    Decades of experience. Proven success. An uncompromising dedication to helping our customers solve their information technology and business problems on schedule and within budget constraints. You can rely on our information technology experts at every stage of your software development lifecycle.

    Our software engineers have a broad knowledge of the leading software development COTS products and software development best practices. Our project managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs), and our development teams are Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)-rated.

    We can provide a wide range of software development capabilities to suit your unique business needs. We don’t build cookie-cutter solutions.

    Benefit from our proven expertise in:

    • Building large and complex state-of-the-art applications
    • Designing and building strong and robust architectures with multiple integrated COTS products
    • Managing large, multi-site development projects
    • Employing the most effective blend of on-site and off-site activities
    • Leveraging existing assets, development frameworks, and reference architectures
    • Designing forward-thinking solutions that feature scalable and extensible architectures
    • Delivering solutions on time and within budget