Data Center Operations

Alqimi combines deep technical capabilities with strategic insights that come from years of hands-on experience. Our disciplined approach has produced a proven track record of success

  • Ensuring data quality and availability while maximizing the efficiency of critical systems.

    The day-to-day operations and maintenance (O&M) of data centers can be as much of a drain on resources and as complex as developing them in the first place. Alqimi has the tools and skills to ensure the accuracy and availability of your data. We can help you streamline processes and enhance the productivity and performance of your business.

    Alqimi's services and solutions address the following issues that businesses face:

    • Fragmented systems management and systems operations teams
    • Lack of standardized processes and procedures
    • Lack of documentation and a single operations management focal point
    • Weaknesses in security and certification and accreditation processes
    • Issues with change management
    • Staying on top of rapidly changing hardware and software
  • Providing optimum services that meet cost, schedule, and performance objectives.

    Alqimi combines deep technical capabilities with the strategic insights that come from years of hands-on experience. Our disciplined approach has produced a proven track record of success for a wide range of government and commercial clients.

    Our O&M solutions have produced exceptional results:

    • Replacement of fragmented incumbent operations teams
    • Customization and adaptation of a comprehensive 1,600-page processes and procedures operations manual for the customer environment
    • Management of over 2.5 petabytes of data
    • Building of rigorous security and change management programs (over 250/year)
    • System availability of over 99.99% for the last 15 years

    We are the primary contractor for the operations and management of one of the largest Department of Defense (DoD) data warehousing and processing environments. We also manage one of the world's largest healthcare data environments. Alqimi will help reduce errors, delays, and costs and achieve the highest level of service and availability from your data centers.

    Our expertise covers all data center operations and maintenance areas:

    • Systems administration and management
    • Data management
    • Application support
    • Database management
    • Security
    • Network operations
    • Remote infrastructure management
  • Experience makes the difference.

    Alqimi offers our clients an exceptionally strong team of highly skilled database, Unix, and network engineers with proven know-how and IT experience. This enables us to be highly responsive and agile in constantly growing and changing environments.

    Our team is ready to provide your business with expertise in:

    • Hardware operations
    • Software and application configuration and operations
    • Data and data center management
    • Sophisticated process control and resource management tools
  • A more affordable and productive way to manage and measuring security C&A activities.

    Alqimi helps clients standardize and automate the security Certification & Accreditation (C&A) process to provide substantial time savings, cost reduction and streamlined reporting.

    We provide complete and reliable assessments of vulnerabilities and identify potential risks in the operation of your data systems. We have achieved hundreds of Authority to Operate (ATO) accreditations. Our clients rely on us to help them make informed decisions based on our documentation and results reports, prepared in accordance with applicable standards and best practices. 


  • Making IT expertise available around the world, around the clock.

    When it comes to technology, downtime is not an option. Business takes place on a global scale, but some areas don't have easy access to the IT people or skills necessary for infrastructure management. Executives are faced with the challenge of cutting costs while raising quality standards.

    Alqimi's remote infrastructure management is the answer to many of these issues. From long-term, comprehensive partnerships to on-demand, highly specialized engagements, our team is the cost-effective solution to ensure uninterrupted services and complementary resources to companies worldwide.

    Remote support management is a core competency of Alqimi. We have years of experience providing expertise to our government and commercial clients. Our services can be expanded from 24/7 operations monitoring and management to a complete, "follow-the-sun" service desk implementation and both can employ varying degrees of automation. Support is available from our U.S. based offices, or our offshore offices – it’s your choice. Either way, you can rely on Alqimi for critical, cost-effective skills and services that allow you to focus on your core business.

    Lower your operating costs and take advantage of Alqimi's expertise in:

    • Monitoring and managing infrastructures in areas where skills are either non-existent or not cost-effective
    • Servicing industry-leading operating systems, including Windows, z/OS, Linux, and Unix
    • Supporting hundreds of servers, including hardware, operating system, security, and application upgrades
    • Providing automated functionality or staffed services
    • Offering expandable services that cater to your specific business needs