About Us

Alqimi Technology is a Total IT Provider

We offer customers integrated teams of smart IT people who use information technology —not just to solve their problems of “today,” but to help position them for the future. People with the vision who ask the right questions. Questions that spur collaborative approaches to future challenges of scalability, maintainability, availability, accessability, dependability, and testability.

We have the expertise to make those answers work in your world; for your systems and operational environments. To help improve your efficiency & effectivness, reduce your risks, and lower your operating costs. Not ivory tower solutions, but practical ones as applied to you. Making a real difference in the real world. – your world.

Big-picture thinking, small-detail doing.

With a fierce commitment to helping you achieve your business goals. By becoming your trusted partner. Your best IT advisor. We are not only the people ready with many of the right answers. We are the people with many of the right questions.