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  • ALQIMI has developed a proprietary platform – SIFT – which enables new Tactics, Techniques and Protocols (TTPs) that when combined with decades of sophisticated personnel experience, results in increased threat awareness of threats, enhanced insights and better and faster decision-making.

Rajeev Sharma and Joshua Goldsberry discuss Alqimi's use of all-source intelligence to uncover Russian trolling. Read More

Capture   Calibrate   Comprehend

The world is drowning in Data, and every day, there is more. Alqimi allows organizations to decipher the undetected value hidden in their data, enrich its relevance by triangulating with real time data and enhance the "SIFTed" data with analytics to deliver insight, inference and intuition.

By employing Alqimi's Collection, Analysis, Visualization, and Exploitation (C.A.V.E.) methodology, clients can interrogate, analyze and visualize all sources of data, from open source, to social media to enterprise. The C.A.V.E. methodology unlocks trends, detects patterns, establishes relationships and transforms raw data into actionable intelligence or insightful knowledge that improves efficiency and expedites action.

Data Harvest and Data Synthesis

Alqimi solutions allow clients to collect and prepare both structured and non-structured data at mass scale. Collections can be ad-hoc to respond to an immediate need or established, structured, persistent ingests of data. Multiple and disparate collections can be fused quickly and easily for mass analytics

Ubiquitous Analytics

Multiple methods to exploit the data for the organization's purposes. Enhance understanding of the data with advanced analytics. Alqimi's Open architecture allows integration of any analytical platform, including legacy client apps, for maximum impact and flexibility. Extend investment protection, position for innovation.

Adaptable for any mission or need

Solutions that have been adapted to answer any problem for any industry. From Social Media analytics to enriching and enhancing valuable Enterprise repositories, solutions that can quickly be deployed and results can be quickly extracted

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