Brand Management & Customer Satisfaction

Entice new customers and excite current ones by understanding their real-world concerns and opinions. Alqimi delivers the analytic tools that provide your business with real-time opportunities to encourage growth.


The primary challenge in brand management and customer satisfaction is you don't know what you don't know—how can your company truly understand what the consumer feels?

  • Unhappy customers rarely complain—they just stop purchasing a product or service
  • Old-model methods of gathering customer feedback, like surveys or feedback cards, fail to accurately capture real-time attitudes of consumers or actionable information
  • Reviews on open source websites are subject to negative spamming
  • Verbal communications regarding brand management and customer satisfaction are rarely reported to management and are not traceable
  • No way to verify online legitimate vs non-legitimate commentary (existing sites can be platforms for phony complaints)
  • Lack of information about competitor's weaknesses that could enable real-time actions to capture business

Alqimi Solutions

Alqimi Strategic Insight Fusion Toolkit (SIFT) and Data Integration Platform (DIP) enhance your understanding of your customers, helping your business:

  • Identify real-time opportunities through social media analysis to engage customers or head off dissatisfaction
  • Compare a broad cross-section of open-source websites to distinguish legitimate feedback from spamming reviews
  • Understand the roots of consumer dissatisfaction—even when the consumer fails to directly report their reasons
  • Compare in-house survey data with real-world feedback from open source and social media information to identify opportunities for improvement and areas of priority


  • Real-time opportunities – Locate competitor's unhappy customers via social media searches and offer your product solutions
  • Deeper customer understanding – Sift through internet chatter to uncover the core reasons for customer appreciation and dissatisfaction
  • Employee attitudes – Protect your brand by legally discovering what employees are writing about their employer on social media
  • Improved products and services – Learn how your company can tailor your offerings to better align with consumer desires
  • Raise revenues – Address customer concerns to garner goodwill and increase business