Cyber Security

The digital revolution has created limitless commercial opportunity, but brings with it the increasing threat of consumer fraud and challenges to cyber security. Experts estimate U.S. companies lose more than $600 billion a year to fraudulent activity. Alqimi provides the investigative tools that help your company detect current threats and prevent future ones.


When they are utilized, existing systems manage risks of employee-generated fraud to some degree, but lack the mechanisms to discover exposure from outside the organization. Additionally, such systems are cumbersome, inflexible and typically designed for significant financial institutions, thus rarely fitting other business environments.

  • Anti-fraud and cyber security systems require highly-skilled, dedicated staffs to operate
  • Systems are expensive and frequently intrusive with user's and even employee's data
  • Systems are inflexible and tightly designed to address specific problems, and thus vulnerable to anything outside a narrow focus
  • Systems are designed to look inward and lack the critical ability to see what is happening outside
  • Systems are incapable of exploiting the potent combination of mashing internal data with open source and social media data to provide holistic protection

Alqimi Solutions

Alqimi Strategic Insight Fusion Toolkit (SIFT) and Data Integration Platform (DIP) continually patrol your data and the digital world, helping your business:

  • Mash internal fraud prevention data with open source and social media information
  • Analyze enormous amounts of data via user-friendly, intuitive interfaces to find correlations between entities
  • Receive continually updated search algorithms based on the latest intelligence trends
  • Translate online detection to real-world fraud prevention
  • Speed investigatins through user-friendly systems that allow users to share information in real-time across multiple devices
  • Track devices with IP addresses and map them


  • Flexible and comprehensive investigations – Add social media and open source information to your search, revealing connections that cannot otherwise be made
  • Systematic case management – Use a single portal to search suspicious activity or individuals across all relevant systems
  • Investigative independence – Empower your analysts to perform data collection and multifaceted search without outside technical support
  • Cost-effective analysis – Save money by using your own analysis experts rather than a team of outsiders