Elections & Governing

Integrate social media and open source sites with your internal data to learn public opinions, feelings and sentiments, with a high degree of accuracy. Alqimi provides the tools to help your organization gather, analyze and act on information that wins elections and helps governments succeed.



Available information tends to be polarized and extreme

  • Lack of real-time information by region or geographic area to guide political action
  • Politicians and government officials may lack clear knowledge about the unpoliticized opinions of those being governed
  • Media often represents dramatically different slants and characterizes politicians with sound bites


Alqimi Solutions

Employ social media to anonymously float ideas and proposals and gauge public opinion

  • Extract, down to the precinct level, what issues most concern constituents
  • Provide unvarnished feedback on any topic without complexity and without additional significant cost



  • Influence – Determine influence not by a count of followers but by how words and ideas get spread and repeated through social media
  • Efficiency – Deploy your resources to best achieve your goals