Healthcare Analytics

The global population is increasingly adopting mobile devices and social media as a primary means of communication, so disease-response organizations must incorporate this critical information into their intelligence gathering. Alqimi adds real-time social media and open source analytic tools to your organization’s databases, allowing you to diagnose and stop illness outbreaks before they spread.


Disease outbreaks begin slowly but can spread rapidly, presenting medical threat and response organizations with challenges at multiple stages of the outbreak.

  • Difficulty of determining in a timely manner if a disease is respiratory or food-borne
  • Common symptoms confuse disease diagnosis in early stages
  • Ability to gather adequate and actionable data on new outbreaks
  • Timely and efficient deployment of resources to those most in need
  • Managing balance between public fear and need for information
  • Minimal or non-existent medical personnel, facilities or infrastructure in some countries
  • Differing cultural attitudes toward medical care
  • Inability to develop ontologies to utilize in queries

Alqimi Solutions

Alqimi Strategic Insight Fusion Toolkit (SIFT) and Data Integration Platform (DIP) combine your data with crucial social media analytics, helping your agency understand on-the-ground reality and:

  • Develop ontologies that predict likelihood of outbreaks under particular or specific conditions
  • Create dynamic maps and visual displays that incorporate real-time collected data on a single-screen
  • Understand with greater accuracy, via social media, the spread of the disease and the mood of the public
  • Incorporate social media analysis and geolocation data to best deploy resources and personnel in real time
  • Coordinate pre-emergency response efforts by clarifying available resources and areas of need


  • Agile and resilient operations – Use rapid data exchange so command center operators can integrate live emergency-scene information into big-picture operations
  • Improved predictions – Forecast with greater accuracy both the underlying conditions for outbreaks and how the disease may spread
  • Comprehensive emergency preparation – Combine internal databases, external open-source information and a user-friendly interface into a powerful tool for understanding your resources and vulnerabilities before a crisis occurs
  • Public relations management – Understand public attitudes by combining sentiment and tone data from web sources and predictive analysis
  • Enhanced collaboration – Access and share investigative findings and coordinate strategic responses through a variety of web-enabled devices
  • Compelling visual tools – Comprehend situations at a glance with dynamic maps that quickly integrate new data and display layers of information that can be highlighted, removed and combined with other layers