Overcome geographic and technical obstacles with sophisticated tools that help your forces gather, track, and distribute intelligence across all levels of command. Alqimi provides analytic capabilities to cut through the chaos of conflict and extract the key intel that ensures operational success.


Military organizations face unique challenges extracting actionable intelligence from the noise of chaotic situations and delivering key data from headquarters to the battlefield.

  • Incomplete or out-of-date information that confuses mission execution
  • Rugged geographies that disrupt communications
  • Inability to present intelligence in a manner that allows rapid situational awareness
  • Life and death pressure and short timelines
  • Rapidly changing conditions in the field
  • Lack of reliable local/regional intelligence
  • Massive databases of information that cannot be applied

Alqimi Solutions

Alqimi Strategic Insight Fusion Toolkit (SIFT) and Data Integration Platform (DIP) provide easy-to-use data gathering tools to overcome organizational inertia, analytics and collaboration tools, allowing the warfighter to:

  • Integrate large volumes of data into one screen so viewers at all levels can quickly grasp implications
  • Incorporate social media analysis and geolocation of data to identify enemy assets and better deploy your own resources in real time
  • Collaborate with commanders and staff securely and with ease
  • Counter predicted enemy actions with "what if" planning and testing


  • Intelligence integration – Mash intel sources (SIGINT, HUMINT, GEOINT, IMINT) before, during, and after your missions to fuse intelligence into a single, searchable, comprehensive body of knowledge
  • Adaptive operations – Use rapid data exchange to empower battlefield commanders with the most comprehensive intel
  • Knowledge of the opposition –Identify opposition numbers, movements and capabilities (even equipment models) with real-time social media analysis
  • Ready-to-Use intelligence – Provide commanders at all levels with an easily-accessible interface that allows viewers to immediately grasp the data's implications
  • Real-world perspective – Strategize from the enemy's point of view, including sentiment and tone