Law Enforcement

Optimize law enforcement resources by mashing internal databases with open source and social media sources and viewing results through a single user-friendly interface. Alqimi provides power without complexity, coupled with robust analysis and collaboration tools that enable law enforcement professionals to manage massive amounts of information to fight crime, real time.


Even as the amount of potentially useful information swells, law enforcement agencies face challenges accessing, interpreting, and translating data into productive outcomes.

  • Law enforcement personnel access multiple systems to compile information on a single subject, slowing investigations
  • Limited numbers of officers and agents, working with incomplete information, are challenged to effectively and safely protect their sectors
  • Law enforcement responds to incidents instead of preventing them

Alqimi Solutions

Alqimi Strategic Insight Fusion Toolkit (SIFT) and Data Integration Platform (DIP) resolve deeply embedded agency problems with data access and real-time collaboration, helping your organization:

  • Identify potentially threatening situations and anticipate on-the-ground mood by actively monitoring social media
  • Deploy officers and agents more efficiently by connecting your analysis to precise geographical areas through sophisticated search filters
  • Speed investigations through user-friendly systems that allow users to share information in real-time across multiple devices
  • Connect the officer in the street with law enforcement and external communities of interest


  • Systematic case management – Using a single portal, search for a suspect, target, or location across all relevant systems
  • Dynamic emergency situation management – Understand how a crowd feels and head off potential conflicts by combining sentiment and tone data from web sources and predictive analytics
  • Investigative independence – Empower your officers and agents to perform data collection and multifaceted search without outside technical support
  • Enhanced collaboration – Access and share investigative findings and coordinate rapid responses to emergency incidents through a variety of web-enabled devices
  • Efficiency – Optimize your existing resources by getting data to those who need it in near real time
  • Proactive policing – Improve neighborhood coverage with existing resources by policing proactively