Emergency Management & Disaster Relief

Effectively manage emergencies by creating comprehensive information systems that mash your historical data with real-time open source intelligence. Alqimi helps your organization prepare for the worst and provides the tools to coordinate your response at a moment’s notice.


When disasters strike, information is critical, but emergency management organizations face challenges using that intelligence in the most effective ways.

  • Unclear knowledge of locations of at-risk populations
  • Confusion surrounding the nature, impact and locations of the emergency
  • Need for immediate rescue response, and disaster response within 24 -48 hours
  • Distributing water and food after immediate danger has passed
  • Complex and multifaceted working environment
  • Many emergencies are not foreseen so planning is limited
  • Uncertainty concerning resources available and where they are located
  • Timely and efficient deployment of resources
  • Multiple response organizations with unique communication methods and response plans

Alqimi Solutions

Alqimi Strategic Insight Fusion Toolkit (SIFT) and Data Integration Platform (DIP) mash your agency's existing emergency management systems and internal data with open source information, helping your organization:

  • Provide oversight and guidance to various support teams that may be operating autonomously
  • Integrate information from internal and external sources into simple, user-friendly interfaces before disasters strike
  • Create clear, actionable information by posting collected data on a single-screen, dynamic map available via live diverse feeds
  • Coordinate response efforts by clarifying available resources and solidifying the supply chain
  • Incorporate social media analysis and geolocation data to best-deploy resources and personnel in real time


  • Agile and resilient operations – Use rapid data exchange so command center operators can integrate live emergency-scene information into big-picture operations
  • Comprehensive emergency preparation – Combine internal databases, external open-source information and a user-friendly interface into a powerful tool for understanding your resources and vulnerabilities before a crisis occurs
  • Dynamic emergency situation management – Understand at-the-scene attitudes and head-off potential conflicts by combining sentiment and tone data from web sources and predictive analysis
  • Compelling visual tools – Comprehend situations at a glance with dynamic maps that quickly integrate new data and display layers of information that can be highlighted, removed and combined with other layers
  • Efficient resource coordination –Direct available resources to the most critical locations, linking their divergent communications systems